Chicago Made Shorts is a digital platform. It is a hub for Chicago filmmakers to turn to when looking for an accessible means of distribution and digital exhibition. It is a platform to showcase work in the city by established and emerging artists, serve as an educational resource, and be a space for inspiration and collaboration.
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Our Team

Imani Davis - Founder/Creative Director
Imani is a Chicago-based producer and engagement professional. She is passionate about elevating the work of emerging artists and the marginalized through filmmaking and entrepreneurship.

Tuxford Turner - Managing Director
Tux is an actor, writer, and content producer based in Chicago. Tux specializes in stories that build community through laughter and representation.

CMS Programming Cohort

Imani Davis
Regina Emiliano
Tuxford Turner
Shelbie Anderson
Julia Relova
Jordan Tragash

Advisory Board

Mindy Fay Parks - Actress, writer, director, Founder/Director - Windy City Film Festival

Colette Ghunim - Documentary filmmaker, Co-founder - Mezcla Media Collective

Malia Adele Haines-Stewart - Associate Film Programmer - Block Cinema at the Block Museum of Art, Co-founder - Filmfront

Joyy Norris - Programmer, Writer, Documentarian - Sisters in Cinema

Raul Benitez - Lead Programmer for Full Spectrum Feature's annual Chicagoland Shorts Program, Programmer at Comfort Station, Nightingale Cinema, and various other Chicago cinema spaces.

Community Partners

Sinema Obscura - "We are a Chicago based group where today's hottest filmmakers can meet, share ideas and work together. Dedicated to helping up and coming filmmakers share their passion with the public in various local venues. Ushering in a new era of Chicago Sinema."

The Doc Talk Show - The Doc Talk Show is a monthly non-fiction film showcase that features diverse filmmakers in Chicago. The filmmakers share their clips, trailers, and shorts and enjoy a facilitated Q&A with the audience.

Submission FAQs

Who should submit to Chicago Made Shorts?

Ideally, this is for shorts without a home. If your film has gone through the festival circuit already and is just hanging out on Vimeo or Youtube, submit it! We want to provide a platform and a way to showcase existing Chicago work. This is a place for your film to live after all of those awards. We’re non-exclusive, we’re accessible, and we’re local.

What is a “Chicago made” short?
A Chicago made short is one that is produced in the city of Chicago by Chicago filmmakers. Once in a while we also consider films produced by Chicago filmmakers outside of the city, and films produced by non-Chicago filmmakers within the city.

How much is it to submit?

Surprise, it’s FREE!

Do I get paid if my film gets on the platform?

We do not monetize shorts, which means we cannot provide payment for content. Don’t worry though, we’ve got some revenue strategy ideas in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

My short is pretty old. Can I still submit?

ABSOLUTELY. We are interested in building a library of shorts from Chicago, which means your short can be from the 1920s for all we care. Keep quality top of mind though. Some shorts age like fine wine.. And some don’t..

Seriously though, submit it. What have you got to lose?

What if I want to have my short taken down?

No problem. Give us an email at and we will have it taken down within two days.

Convinced and ready to submit?

Our Rubric

NeuromancerWilliam Gibson19840-441-56956-0
Snow CrashNeal Stephenson19920-553-08853-X
SoftwareRudy Rucker19820-441-77408-3


We are a super small, volunteer team and we'd love YOU to join in order to make Chicago Made Shorts into the best thing it can be. In addition to our always rolling programming cohort, we have additional positions available on our organizational leadership team. From review writing, to social media wizardry, to operations, to sending blast emails, we need and appreciate all kinds of skills. If you're passionate about any of the positions below, please consider applying! We can't wait to meet you.

Open Positions:

Outreach Coordinators: We are in need of (3) outreach coordinators! This position discovers and liaisons with new filmmakers; introduces filmmakers to Chicago Made Shorts and presents the opportunity of submitting their shorts to the platform; sends lots of emails; attends outreach committee meetings (once a month); works with the Head of Outreach on strategy
Things you should like doing: meeting and reaching out to new people; researching on social media
Must value: spreading the word; community and inclusion

Social Media Producers: We are in need of (2) social media producers! This position comes up with and posts exciting content for our Instagram account; schedules and aids in social media strategy; coordinates videos with the programming team; attends social media committee meetings (once a month) works with the Head of Social Media
Things you should like doing: posting on Instagram; coming up with cool ideas to grab folks' attention
Must value: innovation and creativity

Graphic Designers: We are in need of (2) graphic designers! This position designs content for marketing, branding, and
social media campaigns; attends social media committee meetings (once a month) works with the Head of Social Media
Things you should like doing: designing, collaborating, trying out new things and approaches
Must value: FUN and grabbing folks' attention!